Braindump on Contra Dancing

I’ve been in the contra scene since I was born; my parents met at a contra dance, and their main social community is based off of it, so it was kind of unavoidable. I’m also a person with a lot of thoughts and opinions, so here are a bunch of them in no particular order. Dancing and Me I’ve been the person driving to every contra dance I could remotely afford1.

Off-silo blog and social reach

As expected, when I started writing on a standalone blog instead of long facebook posts, interaction with things I said dropped. This is frustrating. I think that I’m saying better things than I was in long unedited Facebook posts. I think posts on are way more worth reading than any given Facebook post (although there are some that are better, just because I haven’t written a blog post on everything I’ve written a Facebook post on).


I hate self-promotion. It feels gross, and it feels like I should be letting people come to me, and it feels like a huge imposition on all of my friends. But there’s no way that I’m going to be financially successful1 without telling people that I’m good at things, and that they should hire me. So I’ve been working on it. It still feels crass. It feels like I’m taking advantage of my friends’ willingness to keep me in their lists, and I always assume that some people I care about have unfollowed my feed on Facebook.

The Morris Ring is Still an Anti-Feminist Institution

The Morris Ring. An organization that’s been irrelevant to any non-morris dancer, largely irrelevant to any side in the United States, and irrelevant to many dancers in the U.K., for a simple reason: They don’t allow women.1 This comes up again now because of a recent Ring newsletter, containing a motion to, shockingly, allow women dancers. I’ll let y’all breathe for a second. I know it’s a lot, here in the year of our lord 2018.

What the shit is the Shadow DOM, anyway?

Shadow DOM: the next frontier in web development. Or something. Or not. Let’s get y’all up to speed. To start with: What the shit is the DOM anyway? It stands for Document Object Model. It’s the result of all of the HTML and Javascript that renders a webpage, and it’s what Javascript and CSS interact with. Yikes. Let’s back up a bit. To start, we’ll take a stupidly simple HTML file.

Why do we need the Shadow DOM when we have SASS?

n.b. if you’re not a web developer and aren’t interested in being one, this post may not be for you. lmk if you want a follow-up that’ll try to explain things accessibly! Ghost dominatrixes? Isn’t this a little personal? The Shadow DOM is a concept in web development. It basically lets you make little capsules inside a web page, that have their own separate DOM (Document Object Model). If that flew over your head: The DOM is, basically, everything in a webpage.

controversial opinions, part 1

alright. friends. i’ve stayed publicly silent on this great debate for long enough. i can’t in good conscience stay silent any longer. i will warn you, though, my views may not match the black and white painting of the issue that you’re familiar with. pineapple on pizza is good whew; that felt good to say. hawaiian pizza is bullshit relative to other combinations of pineapple and [meat]. pineapple and pepperoni.

happy christmas!

love, rowan and nicki

mastodon and coops

or: why gets it right i write more about my relationship with mastodon here i am sure i’m not the first to write about how there’s a direct link between the federated social web and cooperative business ideologies. there’s a clear line to be drawn between the idea of a social network run and participated in by the people who own it, with each instance working together to create a bigger and better network, and a business run and participated in etc.

thoughts on the last jedi

##or: since when do i cry at star wars movies (spoilers galore) the porgs were a delightful minor detail1. i cried in the first five minutes corrollary: carrie fisher appears in the first five minutes i really enjoyed this movie kylo ren: just another shirtless mediocre man yawn. i spent like 5 minutes chanting “hand! hand! hand!” under my breath and miming cutting off and got NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT calling it right now: this disappointment was the worst part of the movie i’m unreasonably sad that luke’s lightsaber is gone.