GOT THE BLOG BACK most of the posts just have a default image from placekitten (it’s all the same one bc randomness in hugo templates is a hassle) but i put one back up for the morris ring post.

What the shit is the Shadow DOM, anyway?

Shadow DOM: the next frontier in web development. Or something. Or not. Let’s get y’all up to speed. To start with: What the shit is the DOM anyway?

Why do we need the Shadow DOM when we have SASS?

n.b. if you’re not a web developer and aren’t interested in being one, this post may not be for you. lmk if you want a follow-up that’ll try to explain things accessibly!

Off-silo blog and social reach

As expected, when I started writing on a standalone blog instead of long facebook posts, interaction with things I said dropped. This is frustrating. I think that I’m saying better things than I was in long unedited Facebook posts.


I hate self-promotion. It feels gross, and it feels like I should be letting people come to me, and it feels like a huge imposition on all of my friends.

Braindump on Contra Dancing

I’ve been in the contra scene since I was born; my parents met at a contra dance, and their main social community is based off of it, so it was kind of unavoidable.

The Morris Ring is Still an Anti-Feminist Institution

The Morris Ring. An organization that’s been irrelevant to any non-morris dancer, largely irrelevant to any side in the United States, and irrelevant to many dancers in the U.

controversial opinions, part 1

alright. friends. i’ve stayed publicly silent on this great debate for long enough. i can’t in good conscience stay silent any longer. i will warn you, though, my views may not match the black and white painting of the issue that you’re familiar with.

yet another explanation of Mastodon

The situation: you’ve seen people talking about Mastodon. Maybe you’re intrigued, maybe you’re not. Either way, when they’ve tried to explain it to you, you’ve been confused, turned off, or maybe even a little angry that they won’t shut up about it.

youth trad song weekend 2018

another yts, come and gone. i remember at the first couple of yts weekends, i went to workshops and led songs and generally participated a ton.