Off-silo blog and social reach

As expected, when I started writing on a standalone blog instead of long facebook posts, interaction with things I said dropped.

This is frustrating.

I think that I’m saying better things than I was in long unedited Facebook posts. I think posts on are way more worth reading than any given Facebook post (although there are some that are better, just because I haven’t written a blog post on everything I’ve written a Facebook post on).

I tried making a Page for my blog, but predictably, not a lot of people liked it — I, myself, make a habit of not liking Facebook Pages.

I’ve tried crossposting on Medium, as well, but a) their text editor is frustrating and b) part of the point of hosting my blog is to, y’know, host my blog. Also, it wasn’t terribly successful either.

So, what’s there to do? Do I write more content? Do I spam all y’all more? Neither of those options appeal, really. I’m not invested enough in being a writer to force myself to write when I don’t have things in my head, and I feel bad enough about how much I spam y’all now.

I think that the real solution is to let it go, and have the social reach that I have, and trust that as I write more and better posts people will see them.

But I want those likes.