thoughts on the last jedi

or: since when do i cry at star wars movies

(spoilers galore)

  1. the porgs were a delightful minor detail1.
  2. i cried in the first five minutes
    • corrollary: carrie fisher appears in the first five minutes
  3. i really enjoyed this movie
  4. kylo ren: just another shirtless mediocre man
    • yawn.
  5. i spent like 5 minutes chanting “hand! hand! hand!” under my breath and miming cutting off and got NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT
    • calling it right now: this disappointment was the worst part of the movie
  6. i’m unreasonably sad that luke’s lightsaber is gone.

no but really y’all what a good movie. one of my favorite things that i noticed while watching it is how there are a bunch of non-“special” characters who play large roles — esp Rose (the mechanic-lady), the admiral person who we’d never met before, etc etc. smart women doing good shit without having to be necessarily Strong Female Characters2. plus, props for not killing off the token black significant character, or the woman who saved him. still waiting on legbutts representation, but, y’know.

i definitely expected that leia was going to die by the end of the film. i’m glad that she didn’t.

i’m glad that the jedi aren’t gone. i’m also glad that it was yoda, not luke, who burnt their shit down; otherwise, there would undoubtedly have been much future angst about it. because yoda did it, it was unequivocally a good choice.

i’m always excited about discourse around ~traditions~ and when to let go of bad ones, and i’m glad that it’s escaped from the folk dance world into mainstream media. </joke>

i am so excited for inifinity war and that we got to see more of thanos than his goddamn chin

  1. apparently there were puffins where they filmed, and they’re protected, so they couldn’t move them. so instead they invented porgs and CGIed the puffins and just what a delightful story omg [return]
  2. don’t get me wrong i ❤️ Rey [return]