"should i go to dandelion romp"

Yesterday I wrote a website. It was nice and simple:

        <title>should I go to romp?</title>

plus a minimal amount of styling. I didn't even write a separate CSS sheet (I know, I know.)

Then I went to the contra dance, and while I was driving home, realized that this concept could be so much more. I could make it pretty with a nice picture from the weekend, add functionality. I could make it database-driven!

I wrote should i go to dandelion romp in a MEVN[1] stack, and used the Bulma CSS library. Far and away the most development time went into learning more about how Vue works, remembering how to use Express, and things of that nature.

You can check out the code here. I changed my mongodb after that last commit; if I ever do more work on this (fairly unlikely) I'll abstract it to an environment variable.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at Romp.

  1. Mongo, Express, Vue, Node ↩︎

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