there's something special about being able to say, "i want a blog", run sudo apt-get install ghost-cli[1], ghost install[2], and then start blogging at your new blog subdomain. this feels like such a pure form of existence on the web, to have an A * [IP address] record pointing at your own server, and be able to do what you want and instantly show other people.

i can't wait to host my own activitypub implementation here. i can't wait to be able to say to friends, "hey! come check out this social network" and have made it possible, myself, for them to connect with all of my friends i've made through the fediverse. i can't wait to more fully contribute to my own little corner of the internet.

i can't believe it took me this long.

  1. it was more complicated than this ↩︎

  2. it was more complicated than this, too ↩︎

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