pylodon development, part 1

pylodon began as, a python flask-based website meant to interoperate primarily with mastodon.

over time, i started to understand the scope of ActivityPub, and realized that it could be so much more than another way of using mastodon.
pylodon split from smilodon to be a standalone ActivityPub S2S server, utilizing the ActivityPub C2S API. at the same time, i decided to drastically change course with smilodon, and make it nothing more than a client.

my friend Drew, who i work with via Good Good Work, recently got very excited about vue.js, so i decided to try it out for the first pylodon client, along with flask to serve it.
smilodon is in its very early stages as a flask/vue application, little more than the bare tutorial, but i see great things in its future.

if you'd like to contribute to pylodon or smilodon, please feel free. and hit me up on if you want to chat.

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